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Advocating For Employee Rights

Joel Waelty has been advocating on behalf of Silicon Valley employees  since 2003.   He represents clients across industries in a variety of employment issues including:

- Sexual Harassment;

-  Whistle Blower Retaliation;

- Disability, Race, Religion, Gender Discrimination;

- Medical/family leave protections;

- Employee benefit claims, including

               Short Term Disability

               Long Term Disability

               Health Insurance 

               Life Insurance



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Areas of Practice

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can be one of the most oppressive forms of workplace abuse.   Whether it occurs in the form of quid pro quo sexual harassment (if you respond to sexual advances, you'll get preferential treatment), or as a result of a sexually hostile work environment, you have the right to a workplace free of sexual harassment.   

Medical Family Leave laws

State and federal laws protect an employee's right to take medical or family leave.   If you are taking leave to care for your own or a family members medical condition, you may have the right to return to the same position after returning from leave.

Whistle blower Retaliation

There are many laws that regulate employer conduct (from accounting practice regulation like Sarbanes Oxley to workplace safety, like the Occupational Safety and Health Act).   If you have opposed or reported illegal conduct in the workplace , you are protected from retaliation.  

short & long term disability claims

If you purchased or enrolled in a disability insurance, you are relying on that insurance to be a safety net in your time of need.   There are few more vulnerable times in life than when you turn to that safety net and it is pulled out  by a wrongful denial of disability benefits.    


California and Federal law make it an unlawful employment practice to  treat employees differently because of immutable characteristic such as race, age, gender, ethnicity, national origin, pregnancy among others.  You have legal options if you have been discriminated against or experienced retaliation for opposing discrimination.

Life Insurance

Your loved one purchased a life insurance product to help after they have passed.  If your life insurance claim has been denied, you should have that denial reviewed with an insurance attorney.  Insurers make mistakes and you may have legal options.

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